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  1. I have cable coming into my house to a wireless router.I want to be able to get a signal in my garage which is 300ft away.I also have cable in my garage.How can I acheive this.I have tried the range extenders,Do not work.I have 2 desk top computers in garage(1 first floor 1 second floor)that are wireless
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    I use a different model (ie not the wifi as I only need one connection), but the Netgear EoP (Eithernet over Powerlines) works very well - - here's the setup:

    as your garage get's power from the same power distribution panel (ie you only have one utility meter, not one for each building). the picture shown still relates.

    The XAV5201 connects in the room with your router and the XWN5001 would be in the garage (1st floor).

    There are other variations in setup that become possible once you any form of ethernet service into the garage, including
    • (some extender) - - - garage.adapter--secondary.router (wired or wifi)
    Here's the product specific link
    the model I am using

    I can stream Netflix over this link to my HTDV (the reason I bought it).

    NOTE:- These devices can be effected by surge protectors and/or UPS backups, so plug the units into the wall plate directly. Yes, you may lose one on a nasty power surge but that's the chance you take to get the service you want. For me, these are rare occurances.

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