Infected with Malware Pls help

By aax13110
Sep 4, 2008
  1. Attached is my hjt log, please help, i have gotten rid of the virus alert on my time clock, but drives are still invisible in my comp and not sure if system is clean. installed and ran malware. using mcafee antivirus and windows defender, winxp + sp2. thanks.
  2. raybay

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    You have a serious infestation of Smart Antivirus 2009, a bogus antivirus program that raises hell with lots of computers
    I would remove Spybot, replacing it with Adaware 2008. Spybot (at least the version you are using) is not helpful
    Remove Zabo Check and Run Control
    Remove (for now) McAfee Virus Scan... or at least not use it.

    You must run all your security software in SAFE MODE to get rid of this problem.

    You must remove Smart AntiVirus 2009. I would use the free download of Spyware Doctor, as that download, run in SAFE MODE will remove it.

    Download Spyware Doctor to remove Smart Antivirus 2009 malware

    I would also run MBAM MalwareBytes. You have it installed. Have you run it.
    I would download and run the free SuperAntiSpyare, and the free avir Antivir... Run them in SAFE MODE, then immediately shut down, and upon reboot run them again in normal mode.

    Think through what you really want to do with security. You almost have too much stuff, and some of it is totally ineffective.
    MalwareBytes, SuperAntispyware, and AntiVir or Avast are all better than McAfee. Spybot doesn't do much, but Adaware 2008 does.

    If you have the money in your security budget, I suggest you purchase Spyware Doctor 6.0 as it is very, very good, or Spysweeper as a top second choice. And the paid version of Avir Antivir, as well as the paid version of Adaware 2008.

    Good luck. Let us know what happens.
  3. aax13110

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    Ok trying right now, will let you know thanks so much!

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