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By Arris
Mar 15, 2002
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    Did this idea die with the old forum???

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    Matt Chapdelaine

    I am a 26 year old sales manager for a major computer manufacturer. I have a BA in Psychology. My screen name is derived from my most favorite car yet that I have owned, a 1997 Ford Mustang Cobra. I sold it in the spring of 2000 for a BMW. Nothing can replace a Mustang Cobra.

    I began my journey into computers with my Apple IIGS back in 1987. From there I upgraded to a Compuadd 386sx 16mhz which boasted a 20mb HD and a whole megabyte of memory. Armed with that beauty I headed into college with one of the fasted computers in my dorm. After spending 250.00 on an Intel external 14.4 modem I found the magical world of BBS. Castle Wolfenstein was my first FPS endeavor. With an 8 mb memory upgrade I could play Doom. Prodigy, Compuserve than AOL is what gave me my introduction to the internet. Here I am today 10 years later..

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