Insatalling raid controller

By pillai
Feb 28, 2006
  1. We have Compaq proliant 1600 server.It has 4.3 * 3 hdd which has os Windows 2000 Advanced server.We are going to change the hdd to 9.1 Gb * 3 .But when i run the compaq array configuration utility from the smartstart cd.It only show 8754 mb as a logical drive.Also the raid 5 is disabled.I want to configure the array in raid 5 mode.How can i configure it.Should i run erase system utility from smartstart cd..Plz help.
    i want to also add onemore 9.1 GB in future an existing partion.
    i think u understand my question.If not plz reply me.
  2. Nodsu

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    You currently have three hard drives in the server and you put three additional 9.1 GB drives in the remaining bays? And now you can't figure out how to make an array out of the three new drives?

    First. Are all the new physical drives recognised by the controller?

    It's been years since I used the embedded ACU.. The array setup probably thinks you want to make a new array out of only one drive and that's why it doesn't give you the RAID 5 option. When you start creating a new array, select all three new drives to be part of it.


    I'm not sure what your plans are with the server, but a word of warning. (This is really based on my experience with IBMs)
    When you create an Array B out of your new drives and clone the Array A contents to B (to have the OS on the new bigger logical drive), then the OS will not boot as long as Array A is present (because it is on hard drive 1 instead of hard drive 0). Furthermore, even if you remove Array A, the controller wants to label any new array you want to create later on as Array A, thus making your OS unbootable.

    As I said, I don't know what your specific plan of action is, but if you want to migrate the OS onto the new hard drives, then it would be better to replace the drives in the current array one-by-one with bigger ones (waiting for the array to be rebuilt in between of course). After all the dribves have been replaced, use the ACU to expand Array A onto the newly available free space (or create a new Array B that can be used as a second logical HD).

    (Sorry, if this doesn't make much sense)
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