Inspiron 6400, 640m or 9400?

By British_Command
Nov 21, 2006
  1. Right, i want a laptop spending £820 ish MAX, I want a laptop with a graphics card suitable for Counter strike source, or te Laptop must be able t be upgraded with another Graphics card.

    Im thinking about getting the Inspiron 6400, its quite a low price and it can hold a graphics card called 'Nvidia 7900 Go' which i presumming is good, and i know its good. But I cannot afford it just this moment so im going with the ATI Mobility X1400 Hypermemory 256MB which will do for now.

    I just dont know which laptop i should get because the 640m i can ave a decent processor, decent memory and battery time but not a decent graphics card.

    The 6400 i will have a processor of 1.66 GHz which i want a level higher, good amunt of ram and a slightly decent graphics card and also the 9400 which i wont be able to afford good specs for like processor, or memory.

    I dont know what one to go for can anyone give any opinins on what they think may be the best one to buy on my budget.

    Tom Wells-Day
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