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install windows on xbox

By KA3 ยท 6 replies
Feb 22, 2004
  1. i recently removed the hdd from my xbox in hopes of partitioning and installing windows xp; however, when i hooked it up to my pc, i could see the xbox hdd in bios, but i couldn't see it in windows. I am wondering if anyone here has done the same type of thing with their xbox, and if they have some tips.
  2. troy2000

    troy2000 TS Rookie

    your xbox hd problem

    The problem is that the xbox hd uses a filesystem called FATX which cannot be read by a normal windows pc. There are ways to install windows on your xbox, all of which require a modded xbox. You can do a softmod on your xbox. When it is installed you will be able to do anything you can do with a modchip. I have written serveral tutorials on how to install windows on your xbox, but i would suggest you use linux. Its easy to install and easy to use.
    If you install windows it will be a lot slower than linux, because it uses an emulator. It is legal to install windows and linux on your xbox. The answer to your other question is that you cannot install windows xp on your xbox no-matter what emulator you use. The best version of windows which you can install on your xbox is 2000, which will give you a speed of around 600mhz.
    So don't even try running anything like Star Wars : Battlefront ;-)

  3. 3QU1N0X

    3QU1N0X TS Rookie

    I see this post as being pretty old but I need a question answered that has something to do with the same lines as this original question.

    I have one softmodded xbox.

    I also have one xbox (not modded) that I am trying to put an xbox HD that has been Zeroed out into my pc so i can put an image created in WinHex back on it or just put a new dashboard on it, is there any programs out there that let you write FatX format from PC onto the HD and then put the HD back into xbox for it to work?

    Or, is there a place you can buy xbox HD with the regular (OEM) MSDashboard since maybe I jacked up this original one i had by zeroing it out.

    Also can I get around the softmod stuff and just add the dashboard straight to the HD and how (without mod)?

    Also if there is no way to do any of the above.. How can I use my softmodded xbox to fix this other HD?
  4. Drozen20

    Drozen20 TS Rookie

    Mention a link to the tutorials

    could you menton a link to these tutorials you speak of troy2000? i think i am going to skip the idea of using linux fist and go straight to installing windows xp.. why because i want to play games without emulator problems. it might be possible right? if not ill just keep experimenting.
  5. AtK SpAdE

    AtK SpAdE TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,495

    Well i know that since xbox has a whopping 64MB of ram....windows xp isnt going to work very well, let alone to play games.
  6. coastymad

    coastymad TS Rookie Posts: 103

    You do realise that it has now been made illegal to modify a games console in any way so if you do install windows on it, you would be breaking the law..........
  7. toffeapple

    toffeapple TS Rookie Posts: 152

    why bother?
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