Instructions on how to put in a new power supply

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Jun 15, 2010
  1. I have a 250W power supply in my comp. i have a separate 350W power supply. i need at least 300W for a new video card. The problem is i do not know how to put in a different power supply. Any suggestions or instructions? oh and i also dont have enough money to take it to someone to put it in for me. my comp is a HP pavilion a1101n
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    Based on this it looks pretty easy:

    Looks like you only need to remove the left side panel (left by looking at the front). Then I'd lay it on its side and start unplugging all the wires coming out of the PSU from where they are plugged into. Once you have all the wires unplugged from the mobo and the drives, unscrew the PSU from the back of the PC. Insert new PSU, screw in place, plug wires back in. You may want to use some zip ties to tidy up the wires after you get everything plugged in.

    Whole process shouldn't take too long, few minutes.
  3. pyrocrisis

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    im kind of afraid to do it as i dont want to get it all plugged in and have it not work after.
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    It's a lot easier then it looks, what I did the first time cause I was also nervous was to take note on a piece of paper to everything you're unplugging from the board/HDD/CD drive etc. It's not difficult and won't take long, and if you do have any problems just post us :D .
  5. pyrocrisis

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    ok i will try it in a little bit. thanks for all the support. =)
  6. pyrocrisis

    pyrocrisis TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes! I feel like a professional technician. I did it all and plugged it in and it worked!!! Thank you all for the help!
  7. pyrocrisis

    pyrocrisis TS Rookie Topic Starter

    if i have a 350W power supply and the video card calls for 300W will i have enough?
  8. SNGX1275

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    Depends. Does the video card call for a 300W power supply, or does the video card actually need 300W under load? If it needs it under load you won't have enough juice. Of course, if you aren't gaming - the card won't pull anywhere near 300W so you'd be fine.
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