Integrated LAN Disappears With Install Of Audigy 2 ZS

By TylerBello
Apr 24, 2006
  1. I recently recieved a new Audigy 2 ZS,when I install it,my integrated LAN disappears. This only occurs though after Windows auto detects the hardware,for the several seconds before that though, it works fine ( Instant messengers connect,and then disconnect after the auto detect).

    After installation of the drivers,the problem still continues to happen. The only fix is to take the card out and do a system restore.

    This is on an ABIT Nf7.

    Notes: Yes the audio does work with the card,after proper driver installation,but still no internet.

    Ive tried every PCI slot possible,still same problem.

    Disabled onboard audio in BIOS,still same problem.

    Any ideas? I was thinking an IRQ conflict,but if that were true,the messenger services wouldnt connect.


    EDIT: I tried creating a new network,at the end of the wizard,it says there was an error and that a connection cannot be created.

    Ipconfig turns up nothing,i only get the title "Windows Ip Configuration", i would at least expect some's.
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