Intel announces 50-core Knights Corner HPC processor

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May 31, 2010
  1. Although Intel drove another nail into the coffin of its Larrabee discrete GPU project last week, the architecture itself is very much alive. A variant of the architecture is being used for High Performance Computing applications and it's said to leverage both Larrabee and Intel's many cores research projects. Called the Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture, it will first appear in a 22nm product codenamed Knights Corner that scales to more than 50 processing cores.

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  2. slh28

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    But... will this give me any more fps in Crysis?
  3. Yad

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    Now that's insane.
  4. LinkedKube

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    Gasp, bad intel, down boy.
  5. lol, thats sick... maybe PS4 will have this inside :)
  6. If you crossfire two ATI Radeon 5970's, you have 6400 processing cores, 10 Tflops of processing power with 256 bit memory interface on DDR5 memory.

    If you REALLY feel adventurous, you can put 4 of these cards together on supported motherboards and then you have about 20 Tflops and 12800 cores.

    Given that both ATI and NVidia allow using full power of the graphics cards for HPC via their respective development tools and the fact that the GPU's are massively parallel (3200 processing cores/card !!!!), it seems that a 50 core processor seems like a weakling. Most HPC's now use clustered computers using off-the-shelf parts and thus there is not much of a market for just a 50 core processor for HPC's.
  7. Yes, 50 times more frames. So if you have 140 frames now it will give you 7000 frames. The only problem now is you. Your eyes can only see 4 frames per second if you are Mexican. So get a Japanese eye. That will cost you!
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