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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich resigns over consensual relationship with employee

By Shawn Knight · 11 replies
Jun 21, 2018
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  1. Intel on Thursday announced that CEO Brian Krzanich has resigned from the company, effective immediately.

    In a press release announcing the resignation, Intel said it was recently informed that Krzanich had a past consensual relationship with an Intel employee. An investigation by internal and external counsel confirmed a violation of Intel’s non-fraternization policy which the company says applies to all managers.

    Given the expectation that all employees will respect Intel’s values and adhere to the company’s code of conduct, the board has accepted Mr. Krzanich’s resignation.

    Intel’s board has named Chief Financial Officer Robert Swan as its interim chief executive, effective immediately. Intel Chairman Andy Bryant said the board is confident in Swan’s ability to lead the company as they conduct a robust search for their next CEO.

    Swan, who has been Intel’s CFO since October 2016 and leads the global finance, IT and corporate strategy organizations, will manage operations in collaboration with Intel’s senior leadership team. Prior to arriving at Intel, he spent nine years as CFO of eBay.

    Intel said the search for a permanent CEO is already underway and includes both internal and external candidates. A timeline for naming the next chief wasn’t mentioned.

    Krzanich joined Intel in 1982 and has served as CEO since May 2013. According to CNBC, the relationship took place and ended "some time back" although it's unclear with whom he had the relationship.

    Lead image via CNBC

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  2. Vulcanproject

    Vulcanproject TS Evangelist Posts: 614   +803

    New meaning to Intel inside
  3. dirtyferret

    dirtyferret Banned Posts: 494   +519

    If you can't keep it in your pants at least keep it in the company???
  4. VitalyT

    VitalyT Russ-Puss Posts: 4,246   +2,719

    Intel’s non-fraternization policy seems harsh and inhuman. I feel sorry for this guy.
  5. It says it was a past consensual relationship so I wonder what is happening or has happened to the other employee. Both broke company policy.
    edit: I guess it's only considered newsworthy since he was the CEO of Intel so we will not know which is likely just as well. Don't need any sordid tales LOL
  6. Jeff Re

    Jeff Re TS Addict Posts: 131   +100

    Nothing would happen as Krzanich was the one with the highest ranking.
  7. well if it was consensual something should. If it was non-consensual, Krzanich should not only be fired, but be going to jail. That's all I've got to say on this topic
  8. Evernessince

    Evernessince TS Evangelist Posts: 3,515   +2,825

    Looks like Intel is truly in a transition period now.
  9. total

    total TS Rookie

    I bet it was a she, otherwise they would not be so harsh towards him.
    actionjksn and JaredTheDragon like this.
  10. Tom01

    Tom01 TS Rookie Posts: 24   +8

    This is rediculous.
  11. Abraka

    Abraka TS Addict Posts: 176   +54

    Exactly so. We're living in such a world where normal and abnormal have been switched.
    actionjksn likes this.
  12. actionjksn

    actionjksn TS Member

    This me too movement is now pretty much targeting normal human behavior. There will be many many more casualties from this, with many of the guys being devout self proclaimed feminists. And believe me all of them will be guys, women will be immune from scrutiny for doing the same things that men get fired for.

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