Intel Drops Wireless LAN Support by Chipset

By Phantasm66
Sep 28, 2004
  1. "Intel Corp., the world's largest maker of silicon chips for computers, has decided to abandon the plan to incorporate wireless LAN functionality into its i915- and i925X-series desktop chipsets. The move was said to be conditioned by low demand from OEMs for the technology."

    Basically, 802.11g access points, routers and adapters are being taken up at a really strong rate, and this makes Intel's integration of WLAN into i915 and i925X chipsets less and less attractive. More here.
  2. Would you know of any place to get help installing an Intel Pro Wireless 5000 Lan PCI adapter? Intel no longer supports; have tried all intel and ms groups, drivers, wizards, etc etc to no avail.
    Thank you
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