Intel E3300 2.5ghz

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Jul 3, 2010
  1. I just bought and install a Intel e3300, very fast CPU. 2.5GHZ. I was curious if i was to OC the cpu to 2.8ghz would this damage anything ?
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    That's kind of like asking how long is a piece of string.

    Theoretically, No...That would assume that you aren't raising Vcore to any great extent and you have adequate cooling.
    Raising the clockspeed from 2.5 (800FSB) to 2.8 (900FSB) on a CPU that has a 12.5 multiplier shouldn't be much of a cause for concern, aside from the factors I've already listed, and of course whether you have a motherboard that allows overclocking.
    Whether you would be gaining any tangible performance increase is probably just as relevant to ask...before you begin.
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  4. dividebyzero

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    After looking through them manual....I'd have to say overclocking is going to be very limited (best case scenario). There are no voltage options to speak of, the board only uses a 4 pin auxillary 12v connector, it is a entry level G41 chipset, and last, but certainly not's an ECS. When all is said and done, your overclocking adventure might be a little brief with this setup.
  5. Tha General

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    lol oh its cool, 2.5ghz is fine, actually perfect.
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    Dam.. ive just spent half hour reading the OC guide. Ive got the E3200 2.4ghz with the ECS board, and now it looks like i'm a lost cause as well. Never mind, i'm happy with it
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