Intel promises longer battery life with Broadwell CPUs for laptops


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The next phase of Intel's Broadwell release is about to kick off, with the company today announcing the availability of the 5th Generation Core Processor Family for mobile products. The new 15W and 28W parts slot into Intel's 2015 line-up...

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Would love my Surface Pro to have one of those Broadwell i7's inside with those expectations! This sounds very cool honestly as Broadwell is really shaping up to be a great mobile chip though I am still waiting to see how well the GPU keeps up with 1080p and higher this round as that has always been a weak point in my book that has been needing a bump for years more than they are giving.


Longer battery life when the tech industry is obsessed with making everything razor thin? Yeah, right. But at least I'll soon be able to shave myself with my laptop ;)