Intel 'Skylake' pricing and box art hit the web ahead of official launch

By Shawn Knight ยท 11 replies
Aug 4, 2015
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  1. Box art and pricing for Intel’s upcoming Skylake K processors have leaked onto the web ahead of its official launch. Some sellers in Australia are even getting a jumpstart, offering both the Core i5-6600K and the Core i7-6700K as of writing on Amazon and eBay albeit at quite the premium.

    As you can see, Intel is taking a different direction with Skylake as it relates to product packaging. The new box art is a bit more vibrant than what Chipzilla traditionally puts out although as WCCF Tech correctly highlights, this isn’t really a big deal for most shoppers.

    It’s also worth noting that the product packaging is thinner than some of Intel’s other chip boxes due to the fact that neither CPU comes with a heatsink. Skylake introduces a new socket, LGA 1151, although most modern aftermarket coolers should be compatible with it.

    For those that haven’t been keeping current, Skylake is a “tock” in Intel’s “tick-tock” manufacturing and design model. It’s built on the 14-nanometer manufacturing process instead of 10-nanometer which was initially expected. Transitioning to 14nm was quite difficult and with little competition from AMD these days, Intel is in no hurry to step down to 10nm.

    The Core i5-6600K will carry a MSRP of $225 while the Core i7-6700K will command $316, we’re told.

    Are you planning to pick up either of these Skylake chips when they become available? If so, what CPU are you upgrading from or are you building an entirely new PC from scratch? Feel free to chime in below!

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  2. noel24

    noel24 TS Evangelist Posts: 356   +203

    Got tired of waiting and bought 4690k months ago. Giving todays exchange rate, paid exactly $230+VAT. Probably saved some on DDR3 vs DDR4, maybe s1151 MOBOs will be also more expensive on release, while You can buy s1150 on sales and specials. What I don't get is the sentence: 'If so, what CPU are you upgrading from or are you building an entirely new PC from scratch?'? It's not like You can upgrade just Skylake, have to basically build a new PC: CPU, MOBO, RAM. If You play building your PC, rest is usually left over from previous builds.
  3. Sniped_Ash

    Sniped_Ash TS Maniac Posts: 253   +108

    I've been waiting to replace my old i7-2600K with a Skylake i7, but I'll wait for benchmarks first.
  4. Skidmarksdeluxe

    Skidmarksdeluxe TS Evangelist Posts: 8,647   +3,274

    I'll overlook this release, I have no reason to upgrade for a few more years.
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  5. smoken

    smoken TS Rookie

    Yeah not still rocking a AMD 555 unlocked to a quad core running 3.8ghz stable for over 4 years now(really its a locked 955 with 2 cores disabled but my mother unlocks them)......still cant get any game to truly 100% load the CPU but GTA5 does hit 95% sometimes......older chips on newer motherboards will do crazy things like let a 6 year old CPU support memory running 1600mhz stable when the CPU had problems with some 1333 pairs.......paired with a 4gb 770 and a none ti 2gb 560 for physx the systems runs every thing including dying light that wants a 8 core from AMD to even start the game.....I have built crazy systems in the last year with one running a used 3930k plus 32gb of 2133 and one with a 4690k plus 16gb of 1866......both systems only gave me a extra 10 to 15 frames over what I have with the same video cards and GPU's used but I was already over 60 frames with my rig........
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  6. Zorton

    Zorton TS Rookie

    Yep - I had been contemplating moving to an I7-4790K from my current AMD FX8350, but decided to hold off. Going to pre-order a I7-6700k with Mobo and RAM as soon as or have them available.
    Currently upgrading my newish 980 to a 980TI via EVGA's step-up program as well.
    Should have a decent gaming Rig sorted in the next month or so.
  7. smoken

    smoken TS Rookie

    why get rid of what you have??? are you seeing 100% load on your CPU???
  8. frankpc

    frankpc TS Rookie

    Yes. I will upgrade to Skylake. It makes no difference what you have now because Skylake will improve your HTPC no matter what you have already for a HTPC. There is nothing available today that will do what Skylake will offer.
  9. TomSEA

    TomSEA TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,714   +855

    I'm upgrading - due for a full-blown upgrade. That's some pretty decent pricing on those CPU's.
  10. Experimentongod

    Experimentongod TS Maniac Posts: 269   +111

    I'm definitely upgrading too. Not only for the peformance of the CPU itself (I have a 1st generation Core i5 760 running a lot of games without problems), but also access to current technologies like SATA 3, USB 3.0, etc.
  11. noel24

    noel24 TS Evangelist Posts: 356   +203

    Actually, Broadwell is Haswell with eDRAM, and some believe it gives it the edge not over Haswell, but Skylake also. Will see in few days.
  12. DAOWAce

    DAOWAce TS Booster Posts: 268   +39

    Hey guys, I heard you wanted another motherboard socket with a single pin change. Now give us monies.

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