Intel strongly encouraging partners to develop touch-enabled Ultrabooks

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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Tablets may have a new competitor in the form of touch screen Ultrabooks. Intel is strongly encouraging manufacturers to implement touch technology in upcoming ultra portables that adhere to Ultrabook…

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TS Evangelist
Can anyone actually honestly say they prefer to use a touchscreen over a keyboard?

Maybe my fingers are fatter than average or something, but i cant use the blinking things without mistyping one or two words per sentence.


TS Evangelist
You need swype, fimbles :) Remember also that touch screens will be improving soon. We saw a story not long ago on this site about a touch screen with almost no input delay.

Personally, i still have an ASUS eee pc netbook that works well enough for my 'internet from the couch' that I wouldn't buy a tablet, let alone a touch screen laptop.