Intel will include Hitman 3 with its Rocket Lake CPUs


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Something to look forward to: Intel's Rocket Lake desktop processors are expected to drop later this month, and it appears that the company is offering consumers an incentive to upgrade: a free copy of Hitman 3. An uncovered Terms and Conditions document reveals that both the upcoming chips and many current CPUs will be part of the promotion.

The Hitman 3 promo T&Cs was discovered by prolific leaker @momomo_us. The document lists numerous current and future Intel processors, though it notes they might not all be part of the promotion.

Hitman 3 arrived in January to excellent reviews, with many calling it one of the best entries in the franchise's twenty-year history.

Trying to tempt consumers into buying the latest CPUs by including recent or upcoming games isn't a new practice. Intel is still running a promotion started last year that bundles Marvel's Avenger with certain 9th and 10th-gen processor-based devices—I.e., not the processors themselves—though some retailers included the game with Marvel's Avengers Collector's Edition CPUs.

AMD also offered its own promo last year, and with a game that's a lot better than Marvel's Avengers. Its "Equipped to Win" bundle gave buyers of select 3rd-gen Ryzen processors or Ryzen-equipped PCs/laptops Assassin's Creed Valhalla free. Team Red is now offering Far Cry 6 with select Ryzen 5000 and Ryzen 3000 CPUs.

It's not too surprising to see Intel choose Hitman 3 for its bundle. Developer IO Interactive partnered with the company back in November to enhance the game for CPUs with 8+ cores. Hitman 3 was also used at CES 2021 to compare Rocket Lake's performance against the current Comet Lake chips, with the former boasting a 7 percent fps improvement over the latter.

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