Intelligent life on Mars?

By Eric Legge ยท 78 replies
Jun 29, 2003
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  1. Rory7

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    Well Vassil if you choose to live by that particular form of control then thats your choice. I just think that the big bang and evolution is a bit more plausabile than some god making the world in 6 days. Remember in a few thousand years christainity might well die out a people might believe in different things, demonstrated though history. The births and falls of all different religions are all just different interpritations on how we should live and to what extent we excersie self restriant. There isnt a single meaning of life. However the most powerful will in humans is to repoduce, i just think the meaning of life is what ever you want it to be. However the scientific meaning is to repoduce. But before science people just had to make best guesses demonstraed in the bible and other religious books. Dont you think that if their was a true God he'd have us all worshiping in the same way? ie one univeral religion?. I dont think ill go to heaven or hell when i die, i think ill just die, and it doesnt really bother me so that is why im an atheist. About that adam and eve thing, i just got that of my RE teacher, hes a bit crazy anyway (Welsh you see) so i couldnt realy varify that because i couldnt be bothered trying to find a copy of the bible.
    About not being supposed to talk about this, isnt this a meeting spot? were we can talk about things in general?
    One last thing, Vassil, are you from the deep south?

    ps, Vassil when you said how we are such 'perfect' beings, i totally disagree with that. The whole point of being human is the imperfection, nothing we make that we concived ourselves can be perfect, nothing. Reflected in capitalism and communisim, both fundimentally flawed. About evolution not being observed. Rats, you give them rat poisin and it destorys most of the population, but not all. Some rats survive and have ofspring that is immune to that particular rat poisin, this is evolution in progress. Also in Vietnam when they dropped napalm it killed a lot of animals, but not all. Grasshoppers mutated and were immune to napalm. They were somthing like 7 times that of the average and had super strong armour. Thats evolution in progress. Things like if you play a lot of football the skin on your feet toughens, this is evolution in progress. So dont it has not been observed because we see it everyday.
  2. lowman

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    Agreed Didou...let's keep it TechSpot. I will say, in closing, that we are born, we live and we die...but while we are here, MY meaning and purpose it to play and create music, enjoy time with my family and have as good a time as I possible can, and MAYBE leave my own little space on this planet a little bit better off than when I found it. I don't think there's anything wrong or futile about that...
  3. MrGaribaldi

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    For those of you keen on continuing this discussion, please do so on this forum and not here @ TechSpot...

    Forum found by a simple google search

    Also another one Creation vs Evolution

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  4. lowman

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    Thanks MrGaribaldi...'nuff said and done deal...

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