Intel's Atom to ship in over 35 tablets next year


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Intel has been trying to cut itself a slice of the mobile market for years, and it seems the company is finally making some headway. During a conference yesterday, Intel CEO Paul Otellini revealed that the company's Atom platform will ship in over 35 tablets starting early next year. The chipmaker has partnered with more than a dozen manufacturers who will launch slates running Windows, Android as well as Intel's own MeeGo operating system.

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MS should really consider using a lighter version of Windows for the tablet market. They should take windows 7 starter and put back more of the features that bothered people, then cut into it for all the things that it does not need like many of the services and drivers that sit there. Set it us for silverlight and wide .NET development SDK and they could have a great Tablet edition... that or take metro to the tablets and beef it up a little bit for larger screens...

If MeeGo has a tight touch interface, some app that cover all the basics initially, and the software starts to flow... I'm onboard. What I would like to see is daul boot on Android and MeeGo that will have a nicer user experience insted of the old dos/cmdln dual boot screen - yuck.


Intel's Atom to ship in over 35 tablets next year ...

Meanwhile, ARM based chips will ship in millions of tablets next year.


That would be 35 different models among numerous different manufacturers leveraging Atom processors, which could result in an as yet high quantity (tens or hundreds of thousands) of units being sold. ARM processors have a place in cellular telephones, but not tablet computers.