Internet Archive posts 2.6 million historical images on Flickr

Shawn Knight

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The Internet Archive is best known for preserving billions of web pages but many may be surprised to learn that its 19 petabytes of data also include more than 600 million pages of digitized texts dating back more than 500 years.

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Well this is what an internet archive, should have in its archives. I am sure most of the webpages are unnecessary rubbish. Do they back up all the Emo blogs ? All of crappy facebook ?

The idea of computers was to stop paper, so millions of books, historical texts, images, etc, should be backed up. Although as many in an office will realise we seem to waste more paper than ever before.
Probably because everyone sues everyone in todays day and age and you have to hand over subpoenas.

There should be a game and film section for Emulators and old school games, old films out of copyright. ( which of course lawyers for Fact Mpaa etc refuse to believe happens)
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I agree, this is what archives should be about. One of my hobbies is restoring and reprinting old Posters and Illustrations so this particular Internet Archive is a welcome treasure chest of goodies .
Finding suitable images has always been a time consuming job, and I wonder if, following on from self driving cars, we might soon get self surfing PC's?

Thanks for the heads up!