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  1. Ok so earlier today I tried connecting to the Internet on my phone, which was having some problems before. As I was connecting, something popped up and said "connect to the wifi without accessing the Internet" and there was another choice, but of course I didn't read it. So I tapped on that now I am connected to the wifi, but can't access the Internet. I can't even load Google. The wifi on my phone only works if I'm right next to the router. I've already tried turning the wifi off and back on, turning the router off and back on, but nothing works. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!
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    You sure if your internet connection is working? Check if all the lights on your modem are working. If it is not, contact your internet service provider and inform about the issue. If all the lights are working, try checking using a computer via an ethernet cable connected to the router or another phone via WiFi. If problem persists with those options too, I think the issue is with Router and you may try reconfiguring the settings, which your ISP customer service can help you with. If reconfiguring also doesn’t work, you will have to repair the router. You should also try connecting your phone to another WiFi, maybe at a friend’s place or coffee shop hotspot. Good luck!!
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    HARD Shutdown the cellphone (hold HOME + Power) until you get the PowerOff slider.

    Power back up and make a new wifi connection
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