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Internet connected. Windows update works, but nothing else

By benmennen07
Jan 11, 2011
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  1. I recently was installing windows updates and decided to try internet explorer 8. After the download it would not let me watch video clips so I deleted it using add/remove programs.

    Since then I can not surf the web using internet explorer or firefox, It just says page can not be displayed. I repaired the connection and it says no errors. I can ping a sites ip address but not by typing yahoo dot com. Xbox online works just fine.

    When I load IE it seems like its about to load google and then at the bottem it says some dns error. Windows update will work but it also says some error that it cant download service pack 3.

    I noticed at start up it says can not load system32/cdlqpwag.dll, but I dont think that is the problem. I called my internet company and they did some basic troubleshooting but they cant figure it out. What do I do???? Thanks for the help!!

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