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Oct 26, 2008
  1. I am using dial up internet connection. I would like to use the Internet from the guest account. I just dont want to enter into the administor account and connect to the internet and switch back to the guest account to use the internet. So i want to setup permissions for the guest account to make a dial up connection..what should i do to set the permissions...
  2. jobeard

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    The 'trick' is to create a Limited User Account, give it a password and login at least once.

    Then when you want to use it for Internet access
    (either your browser or email reader), you right click on the program icon and
    use Run As and enter the password :)

    btw: you should NEVER run every day as the admin anyway!
  3. Friendtam

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    sorry i want to connect to the internet from guest account, not from local user account or admin account.

    when i open the internet connections icon from the control panel in guest account, no file is visible, though when i refresh the page, I get the following message
    " The network connection folder was unable to retrieve the list of Network adapters on your machine.Please make sure that the network connections service is enabled and running "
  4. almcneil

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    Go into your admin account and open the Internet Connection. Find the option "connect automatically" and select it. if you can't find it, make sure you're disconnected from the Internet, launch a web browser, a connection window should appear with the option "connect automatically" Select it. The next time, you don't get prompted if you want to connect, it just goes ahead and does it.

    See if this works in the guest account. if not, repost and we will take it from there.

    -- Andy
  5. jobeard

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    First you would need to Activate the Guest account, then log into that account.

    There is very little difference between a Guest Account and the LUA account;
    Don't make this more difficult that necessary :)
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