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Jan 21, 2007
  1. hi, ive just recently bought a wireless card for me laptop. the first problem i came across was that i had limited or no connectivity. i resolved this by manually entering the ip into the tcp/ip settings bit. so now it says its connected; however packets are being sent out but not recieved, so i can't connect to the internet. ive tried turing of the firewall, reseting the reg keys, using an update from microsoft. also i tried that ipconfig /release - ipconfig /renew but this just says that it can't be done when the media is disconnected?

    any advice is greatly appriciated,

    cheers andy
  2. Tmagic650

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    Did you install the wireless NIC drivers BEFORE inserting the card? If not, uninstall the drivers and reinstall them without the card in place. What is the model of the card? Use the driver install program to set up the card. There should be no need to manually install these drivers/utilities
  3. osullivan

    osullivan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes i installed the driver before inserting the card. The card is a Netgear
    WG511v2. The installation only included connecting to the router. Without manually configuring the ip there was a good signal to the router but it had a message saying limited or no connectivity.

  4. mikescorpio81

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    With your siatic IP details entered can you ping your router/gateway?
    Limited or no connectivity means your PC cannot find a DHCP server. You get a 169.254.x.x IP address when you are set to DHCP right?

    IF you can ping your router with static credentials, try logging into the router and check your settings. Your routers DHCP scope may be disabled and/or your routers DNS settings may not be reachable.

    Also, did your Netgear card come with its own software? Double-check that Windows is managing your wireless connections and not the Netgear software (if any).
  5. osullivan

    osullivan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok, i pinged it with the setting on automactically detect and it was succsesful, but the dns failed; still on limited or no connectivity.

    but when i pinged it with the ip and dns manualy entered, it failed even tho it says it was connected.

  6. mikescorpio81

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    So you get an IP address from your router, but your NIC still says Limited or no connectivity? That's not right ... How can you ping your router in a limited or no connectivity state? Are you sure you don't mean you can ping it when you have a static IP address? Do an ipconfig /all and post your results.

    So long as you can ping your router, log in to your router and try and ping its DNS servers. Double-check your username/password details for your ISP are all ok and if you cannot ping the DNS servers listed within your router, change them to known DNS servers in your area (ask your ISP or Google it).
  7. jobeard

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    update the firmware in the router and your wireless card.

    are they both from the same vendor? I hate this but sometimes it really does matter.
  8. sine184

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    when you logg on your router see if you have DHCP enabled
    if not that might be the problem
  9. osullivan

    osullivan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hi thanks for all your help, in the end it was just a little setting in the router config. so i am now on the laptop :). however jue to sods law now my main pc is down. it will connect to the net for about 5 minuets then stop working, however i can still play counter strike and go on msn. weird?

    any advice is greatly apreciated

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