Internet dies out every 10 minutes

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May 6, 2009
  1. Hi guys I have a weird issue here which seems to make little sense. We have a small network interconnected by a switch. However all of a sudden our internet seems to be dying out in a weird way. The internet would die out after 10 minutes of use although we can browse teh network. We then turn the switch off and then on and its back to normal - but then after another 10 minutes its dies out again and we literally have someone turning the switch on and off every 10 15 minutes here :( what is the problem here I really need help on this. Please guys!
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  3. paritycheck

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    Sorry bout that

    Sorry bout not following up on that :( but that was for a local workstation on the network. This issue is concerning our switch or internet or I have no idea what at the moment. Can malware actually go as far and do this?

    I can't make any sense out of it - if its a switch related issue then I don't see why is it just affecting the internet and nothing else instead I can still browse the network - note I'm on the server here btw. But the internet just dies out every ten minutes.

    The server isnt facing any problems like I was facing on the workstation as I defined and its got all anti spyware and antivirus as well.

    What should I do here :(
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    To know that you are going offline requires a workstation of some sort
    If the workstation goes offline but the Server doesn't, I'd say yes Malware related

    If the lights on the switch (if it has lights) are not reporting normally, then it could be faulty switch (ie hardware)

    I would start with the Malware removal process, as the cheapest alternative
    Or even isolate the workstation and connect directly bypassing the switch

    By the way, with the amount of Viruses and malwares shown in your old log, are you sure Norton is the best for you? Especially since Norton attaches some processes to your network, being a Server network ! But hey your choice and all

    If you decide to uninstall it, you will need to run the removal tool as well, seeming Norton won't uninstall fully without it.

    I use free Avira Antivirus, which does not attach system files to your network (or replace Windows files) like Norton does

    Anyway follow the guide ;)
  5. paritycheck

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    Actually the switches lights are bleeping on and off as though nothing has happened :\ however internet just goes out. The lights on my moden router are blinking so there doesn't seem to be a problem with that - even so it seems to be confined to the switch as when I turn off and turn on the switch I get 10 minutes of internet :( - I'm thinking of doing a whole system format on my workstation though - its already messed up enough as it is.

    But would just format the windows C partition [ is this going to help though or is there risk of any malware hiding out in my other partitions ] and this time be careful to install the mentioned anti viruses. But for now my main issue is concerning the switch - how can I be sure its a switch related issue by the way and plus - why is it affecting just the internet. I mean I can plug the internet in a different port on the switch but still face the same problem...
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    By resetting the switch you are also sending a reset to the connected computers
    When they refresh with their static IP or DHCP IP, they are probably ok for 10 mins before any Malware take over again.
    To confirm this scenario, you could leave the switch on and reset the computer, if you get 10mins again, then again it's not the resetting of the switch that is helping here.

    I also note you are using: FileZilla
    Although FileZilla is possible the safest of all sharing programs on the Net, it is still a file sharing program. If you don't need to "File Share" to users on the Internet, I feel a Server environment should not have it installed

    Regarding format.

    If you decide to format, then I would suggest to remove the Partition
    Partitions can be easily corrupted from Windows System files and Malware infection
    So go with the remove Partition all the time

    By the way, if you are re-Partitioning, then you may as well try the Norton removal tool
    You might just get Internet working perfectly all of a sudden.
  7. paritycheck

    paritycheck TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm not using FileZilla on the server though - the previous log message in the other thread was from my workstation. So basically I should try and wait till the internet goes down and then reset my server to see if it works. Basically this issue is affecting the server as well. I turn the switch off and then on I get 10 minutes of internet before it goes down again.

    I'll try to restart the server right now when I loose the internet and let you know in 10 minutes.
  8. kimsland

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    By the way, before anyone else replies, check the network (ethernet) cables too
    A simple remedy there (to remove them from the equation) is just to replace them

    Also, depending upon howmany computers this Server has hanging off it, you could also disconnect all other workstations, from the switch This may narrow down a specific computer (or network printer) that could be causing the entire network to go down

    Anyway, that's about everything :)
    Except faulty Network card ;)
  9. paritycheck

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    Just restarted the server - no luck I still had to turn off and turn on the switch to get the internet - whatever the issue is it seems to be related to the resetting of the switch. :( - I'm running out of options here now. Right now I'm taking your last advice and unplugging each and every workstation off in order to see where the problem lies.
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    Actually all workstations and network printers would have had to restarted (basically at the same time) to prove my point above
  11. paritycheck

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    Ok I've unplugged all the connections save for the server and two workstations that don't seem aparently affected. The only workstation I haven't attached is definitely my own the one which had the mess in the first place :-S - so far its been like almost 20 minutes since I've restarted the switch which is the longest bout of internet access I have received since yesterday here. I'll still keep a look out for a while - if everything stays put for an hour or so its time to clean up my workstation.

    When you said remove partitions - I've kinda backed up all my data in secondary partitions on the same hard disk of my workstation - won't deleting my primary partition just destroy all my data in the secondary partitions as well :-S

    HELP HELP! I reformatted my c drive and re installed windows on my workstation but even then for some reason I STILL can't start task manager and regedit :( a hard disk format didnt KILL IT or so it seems. However its now atleast not stopping the internet as it was a while ago - what do I do here now man :( I'm stuck on how to handle this - whats wrong with my pc :(
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    Try to make external backups:
    • To DVD
    • To USB Flash Drive
    • To USB External Hard Drive
    • To another networked computer
    Where-ever! Just make them external.

    Now I have no idea what you're running (actually can't remember if you said it) so, follow this exactly:

    Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Repair Install step by step (* Including Delete Partition)

    Microsoft's Windows XP Home Repair Install step by step (* Including Delete Partition)

    Vista Repair: (index page) (guide)

    * Warning deleting the Partition will remove all User data and Windows system files
  13. paritycheck

    paritycheck TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Man do I really need to reformat and backup everything externally :( - I'm hoping that that coudl be avoided though. I've installed AVira but it wont run I guess the darn worm is interfering so now Im on my workstation in safe mode and I've installed malwareBytes Anti Malware and so far its given me a HUGE list of infections - I've attached the log file here - please look at it and tell me what do I need to do :(
  14. kimsland

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    -> No action taken on MBAM scan, for found issues
    Please re-run Malwarebytes
    Confirm updated (third tab)
    Then do the above quoted message, but this time "Remove all found issues"


    By the way, that's my standard response to the "No Action Taken" issue

    In your case, backup Externally, remove the partition
    I'll reply back after that hey ;)


    Follow what I say, or don't. Your choice. I'll move on to help others :)
  15. paritycheck

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    Right now considering I've just done a fresh format and reinstallation - theres nothing but Avira Anti Virus and MalwareBytes Anti Malware installed on my PC aside from firefox - I have no ideas what all these registry entries point to :(

    SO running malware at this point wouldn't be much help and I'm left with no option but deleting and reinstalling partitions :( I have however manually removed the autorun virus though...which I have no idea how it stayed back
  16. jobeard

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    To be considered: Print/File sharing can still run while 'Internet Access' appears to be down.

    Your browser and email access depend upon the DNS service. Home users reply upon
    the ISP's DNS and those with a Domain Controller Server have a local DNS which forwards
    all unresolved requests to the ISP.

    You can perform some simple tests (from any affected system) to see if
    1. you have access to the ISP gateway
    2. and DNS will resolve names -> ip addresses
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    hello i have a suggestion i worked for a small internet company as there phone IT, and i ran into alot of situations where i had to ask the customer to remove Norton from there computer and bam it would fix the problem download Norton removal tool for your version and uninstall it see if it helps. also if you have a router on your network i would hold down the reset button and set the router back up could have had a surge and messed something up.
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    Good idea klepto12 I should have said that.

    Oh wait I did in Post #4
  19. klepto12

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    lol my bad didnt read the post fully
  20. kimsland

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