Internet Explorer 9 delayed in Japan


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Microsoft Japan has announced that the Japanese version of Internet Explorer 9 will be delayed. The Japanese side of the company did not give a new future date to look forward to, but it did say that the recent earthquake was one of the reasons it would not be able to release IE9 on time. The launch of IE9 is expected to take up significant network bandwidth for the software giant and in Japan those pipes are needed for more important things.

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I don't understand the purpose of putting the two translations here, instead of the *real* one, unless it's to show that Microsoft clearly copies Google's translator as well as search strings...


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"this time due to the earthquake"

As opposed to all those times MS delayed a launch due to non-natural disaster related reasons.

Both translations sound bad so nobody has an edge on anyone.


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thedrelle said:
Yea, that does seem odd. either way, i dont think "who's stealing what" is the point of this post.
Agreed. Just wondering why they put two translations in that are ****-tastic, instead of one that is grammatically correct.


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Because Emil does not understand Japanese and did not have anyone to turn to for a proper translation. I suppose the inclusion of both is because both automatic translations are bad for different reasons, perhaps reading both would give a better idea of what it said.

Emil, can you link the original Press Release in the article or post it in comments?


This article is about popularity of web browsers in Japan: