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Jun 16, 2010
  1. I have been searching on forums for a solution to this problem that alot of people have been having with google search. I have made this hijack this log file and was wondering if anyone could help me resolve this issue. Everytime i search with google in internet explorer and click on the link it redirects me to a random website ususally with the title

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    I did review the HJT log and your Host logs have been hijacked. you are being taken to a site in the Ukraine. So before you run the prelim programs, do this: Printing this out will be helpful:

    DNS Changer
    You will need to do a DNS Flush, then reset your router.
    Start> Run> type cmd> enter> at the C prompt type ipconfig /flushdns (note space before the /)

    Exit the Command prompt when finished and shut the system down.-

    • [1]. Shut down your computer, and any other computer connected to your router.
      [2]. On the back of the router, there should be a small hole or button labelled RESET. Using a bent paper clip or similar item, hold that in continuously for twenty seconds.
      [3]. Unplug the router. Wait sixty seconds.
      [4].Now holding again the reset button, plug it back in. Continue holding the reset button for twenty seconds. Unplug the router again.
      [5].With the router unplugged, start your computer.
      [6].Connect to the router again. The turn the router back on.
      [7].When it stabilizes, reboot your workstation and try to access the internet. If you have any issues, access the Router configuration page and re-enter your authentication information.
      [8]. Reboot the system and test the internet. You may have to reconfigure the router settings based on your setup.
    I would also like to ask if your ISP requires a Proxy Override as in:
    R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings,ProxyServer =
    Are you remotely connecting to this computer?

    Now do the programs below:

    Please follow the steps in the Preliminary Virus and Malware Removal thread HERE.

    When you have finished, include the logs in your next reply for review.
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    Bumping my reply so you'll get notice. Replies are still showing zero.
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    Hi, thanks for the reply. When i tried to flush the DNS it says "could not flush the DNS resolver cache: function failed during execution" what does that mean i have to do?

    Also with the proxy settings i only use those when i connect my laptop at work so i can access the internet otherwise it is just connected straight to the internet.

    I have been through the 8 steps already but that did not solve the problem. Hope the information helps.
  5. Bobbye

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    IF you notice the first word on the removal thread, you will note is says Prelimnary. That's because we don't expect it to completely solve your problem, although it may restore some functions.

    The logs from those programs show us what running, what's installed, malware entries found and possible Rootkit. Unless I see those logs, I can't do anymore for you. I can't even tell you what the DSN message means without more information. And I can't even suggest what additional programs might be necessary.

    If you set the proxy and it's necessary, that fine
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