Internet Explorer loses .71% market share during August, IE6 still most used?

By Matthew
Sep 28, 2009
  1. The numbers for August are in with Internet Explorer taking a small .71% loss in market share according to Net Applications. Microsoft's web browser dropped from 67.68% to 66.97%, while Firefox gained .51%, moving from 22.47% to 22.98%. Safari held steady at 4.07%, and Chrome furthered its lead on Opera's 2.04%, increasing from 2.59% to 2.84%.

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  2. I hope that PC vendors, who still insist on shipping IE, as the default browser, will at least pre-install the Google Chrome Frame plug-in. This would be a MAJOR benefit, for their customers AND the web development community, because:

    1. it allows IE to maintain support for existing, IE-dependent apps/sites.
    2. it brings all versions of IE into full compliance, with the latest web standards.
    3. it brings blazing-fast JavaScript performance, to all versions of IE.
    4. it brings the latest HTML5 functionality, to all versions of IE.
    5. it reduces web development & support costs ("hacks" to support IE are no longer required).
    6. it reduces/eliminates the need for Flash/Silverlight (devs can use HTML5 audio/video/canvas, etc.).
    7. it reduces/eliminates the need for users to change to another browser, to get these enhancements.
  3. T77

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    common people its high time to dump IE6, take the pains to upgrade!
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