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Aug 1, 2004
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  1. This is in a members sig. at another forum. It's a small cartoon caption containing my IP adress, my internet provider, my browser and that I'm using XP. Not a very private world is it. I know this is very easy to do, and happens all the time, but was very shocked to see it used this way anyway. Very innovative though, at least it seem's to be to me.
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    This is not a privacy issue really..

    Your IP address can be seen by anyone you communicate directly with on the internet and trying to hide it does not add much to your security.

    Reporting your browser version is done by all web browsers. Reporting the OS is something that most of them choose to do too. Hiding the browser or the OS you use does not give you much privacy or security either.

    Not to mention that most of your internet activities are visible to anyone with access to the wire. If you monitored the net traffic of your computer then you'd see that most of the information is sent in plaintext. Including your login information to most places.
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    Nodsu, thanks for the refresher. I guess I really already new most of what you say, but I was just so shocked to see it in print, on sombody else's web page.

    Great link, Mic. I had no idea my computer was THAT open to others.
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    I have a sig like that at some other forums I visit.

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