Internet packed loss. (Could it be a programs fault?)

  1. Hello, I'm David, and I am having problems with packet loss. I usually use internet to watch videos, play some games and what not, but recently I started experiencing lags. I googled it up, and then tried to see if my pc had packet loss (pinged -t). I had a 6% packet loss. Then I tried it on my other pc (it is connected to the same router and is half a meter away from other one). It had 0% packed loss. Then I remembered that recently I downloaded some programs and stuff on the pc with the packet loss. Could it be the cause of my packet loss? Thank you to all who at least read my delema.
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    What Router brand and model are you using?
    Are you connected wired or wireless?
    Are you connected 100mbps or 1.0 Gbps.
    Have you upgraded the firmware on the router lately?
    Also have you upgraded the drivers on the PCs network cards?
    Have you ever power cycled the power on the router or modem?
    Any switches connected to the router? If so, try a different port.
    Have you tried a different port on the router?

    Packet loss in a router means the router started degrading on the ports side.
    Device could be overheating or just have duff ports (bad)
    In your case you can also.

    1. Backup config settings in the Router
    2. Do a Factory Reset will wipe all prior settings out
    3. Restore Backup config settings in the Router

    If all was tried you should consider replacing the router only as option though.
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    Try using PATHPING somewhereUknow

    it will take ~5 minutes to complete but will show you where the packets are getting lost. The first two lines should never have losses.

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