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By dawghunter
Oct 11, 2007
  1. Well, Howard's been helping me with a "dog" problem, and thus far I have been overwhelemed with the stuff this site offers and the willingness of those here (yes, that's you Howard...) to help. Awesome!

    I am currently running Norton Internet Security 2006 which has been upgraded yearly until now.

    I have been studying Kaspersky and BitDefender as alternatives. BitDefender has a registry startup scan. Sounds Good, but...

    There's a great post from Howard under "VIRUSES/SPYWARE/MALWARE, preliminary removal instructions" that suggests using AVG and Zonealarm etc.

    Anyone have experiences with either of the above they could give a referral (good or bad) for?

    I was really headed to Kaspersky/BitDefender till Howard's post. I like the idea of an Internet Security suite like I have now, and I just want the best I can afford to get, free or not.

    Thanks for putting up with my inquiry, and I hope this helps someone else too.
  2. Jase123

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    Get rid of Norton. It just hogs resources.

    I have Zone Alarm internet security suite, and i think it is really good, has it uses Kasperskys antivirus engine.

    I've tried Bitdefender and didn't like it much. However you might.

    Kaspersky is also a good one. Which ever one you go with, you'll be fine as there all good.

    The antivirus you have, is only good for your browsing habits.

    But one thing, just get rid of norton and don't get it again.

    Regards Jase :)
  3. jobeard

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  4. dawghunter

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    OK. Great tips. Thanks. Any more, feel free.
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