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By tomcangh
Aug 29, 2016
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  1. Hi to everyone out there I have a issue and would need a help, firstly I have a Cisco management which served as the main router to my network and does the dhcp for my local network and serves as my border router to my isp. When I ping any local machine on my network the ping reply is successful but I try ping my router the reply is fifty percent with this my internet is fluctuating can someone help me here
  2. jobeard

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    Certainly interesting that some work and some don't.
    Almost ALL routers give you a control to enable/disable "Respond to ping from the Internet" side. It is thought that not responding is a better choice as ping is used to find systems that can then be further probed for implanting a virus (there are other techniques too however).

    I've never seen a ping from that LAN side be configurable NOR fail to work either unless there's a real Source connection issue.

    Also never possessed a Cisco router, so can't be sure what does/doesn't work here.

    BUT; is this a real problem that demos some pc issues or just oh my, how interesting ..... ?

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