iOS 13 just launched with a bunch of new features including Dark Mode

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As Tim Cook promised in Apple’s keynote last week, Apple Arcade is launching with iOS 13, and with it, users can take advantage of a free one-month trial. After that, the service costs $5 per month. The arcade is launching with over 100 games with more to come. To access it go to the App Store where you will notice a new “Arcade” tab.

The new iOS now has Dark Mode. The color scheme looks great across the entire operating system. Native apps like Messages and Photos incorporate the theme into their GUIs, which is easier on the eyes. Presumably, developers will be able to add the mode to their apps.

Don’t worry if you don’t like dark modes. You can toggle it on or off from the Control Center. It can even be scheduled to only come on at sunset or a time of your choosing. Included in the update are four new wallpapers that switch their appearance when Dark Mode is enabled.

But Apple Arcade and Dark Mode are just a couple of goodies in iOS 13. The update will, of course, have tweaks to the Camera app to accommodate for the iPhone 11’s triple lenses. The Photos app will now have a curated tab, as well as better photo and video editing tools.

In Messages, users will now be able to set up a contact profile with their name and picture. It can then easily be shared with others, so they do not have to fill your details manually.

Reminders might be one of the more underutilized apps in iOS, but it has been completely overhauled with the update. It has a new interface, and users can rearrange their reminders in a variety of ways. It has a new toolbar for quickly adding dates, locations, flags, and other information to an entry. Users can even add subtasks for reminders that may have multiple steps to complete.

With iOS 13, you can now sign in to websites with your Apple ID. It works similarly to “Sign in with Facebook (or Google)” buttons that you see, but it is mainly for signing up for new websites or services rather than your existing ones. It even provides you with a disposable email address if you do not want to use your real one. However, it only works with “participating websites,” said Apple.

Those are just a few of the many features that are in iOS 13. Others include improvements to Maps, Siri, Memojis, CarPlay, Mail, Notes, Safari, and many more. You can check out a full list of what the update contains on Apple’s iOS 13 webpage.

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I'm downloading it now.

I have no fear that my XSMAX512GB will run the new OS well considering how powerful these CPU are. I will admit, however, it feels weird that I won't be waiting in line to get my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I'll wait till Apple puts 1TB in it.
Thus far, I really like that they added a context press to tell the phone whether or not you want to share an app or rearrange them.
I really like how Apple gives us the ability to sign in with untraceable Apple ID to beat these Goddamned spammers. I'm so sick and tired of spam emails.


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New features like dark mode? Something that Android had had for years.
"dark theme" support came in android 8, only 2 years ago. And not all android phones have it! My moto z play, for instance, is on android 8, yet it does not have a "dark theme" mode available. Many android phones in use today never got android 8. Others using OEM skins are a complete crap shoot on if they have Dark mode or not. Only the google pixel line is guaranteed to have all the android features the OS supposedly has.

Try harder.

Also apparently Techspot is triggered by "mean" words.
As I keep using iOS 13 suddenly all of these new features start popping up.

What I like is the fact that even when something brand new pops up, it’s already intuitive.

I just realized that when you use the volume buttons that a virtual volume slider pops up immediately on the screen and that you can use your thumb to manipulate that too.

So far I’m liking iOS 13


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I'm.hardly a fanboy myself but what I appreciate is consistency in supporting their products, I remember when I loved Sony with their W phones (Sony take on merging their walkmen with a phone) but there were hardly any updates released in the first year after launch and when the new model came out your old one was pretty much ad good as dead to Sony. So it was so refreshing when Apple released iPhone especially years after the release there were new versions of iOS available something that they continue to do for few generations of phones back and that's what I really love. Couldn't care less whether it carries apple logo or not but that level of commitment to your products takes highest marks in my book. Apple or no Apple.


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Still no option to put a number row at the top of the virtual keyboard, still can't place icons on the home screen where I want them, still can't turn off "end phone call with power button", still can't invoke Hey Siri when headphones with a mic are connected.

Dark mode is nice... and OS update support across all their 64bit processor phones, so that's a pretty big win against Android.
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