iOS 6 jailbroken on A4 devices, newer ones will take more time


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While iOS 6 has been busy finding its way to iDevices everywhere, hackers too have been busy circumventing Apple's latest round of security measures. Redmond Pie reports that those efforts have apparently paid off, producing a tethered jailbreak for the...

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I don't know why Apple even bother making their phones so hard to jailbreak, anything can and will be exploited sooner or later. People who jailbreak know what they're in for, the regular users will still get the "Apple experience".

That's one of the reasons why I switched to Android, it would probably be months before an untethered JB comes out for the iPhone 5. When you're used to SBSettings, Activator, biteSMS, iScheduler etc. you just can't go back to stock iOS.


I'm getting tired of Apple phones .. nothing exciting any more ..

but I see nothing better yet ....

ANDROID . .is crap still .. LAGGY **** ...and comes with CRAP ware ...

WP8 ?? .. will have to try it ...


Nokia Lumia 920 looks promising, no prices or contract terms for WP8 yet :(