iPhone OS 4.0: Game Center, unified inbox, iAd and more

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Apr 8, 2010
  1. Although the big news coming out of Cupertino today was multitasking support in iPhone OS 4.0, Apple simultaneously announced several other new features that take direct aim at some of its largest rivals. Among these is Game Center, a service that in many ways should mimic Microsoft's upcoming Xbox Live integration with Windows Phone 7 Series, supporting things achievements, leaderboards and online matchmaking against other iPhone users.

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  2. ET3D

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    I'm impressed. Apple is addressing most criticisms, and this new OS will definitely make both iPhone and iPad more attractive.
  3. Apple makes a big deal of having 50,000 games vs PSP and DS having less than 2,000. The problem with this is that, while Apple has control over Apps, they do not have quality control. Flicking a rack doll around the screen would no constitue a game on PSP and would never make it past Sony's Quality Control. The same can be said for probably 49,500 of the iPhone games.
  4. Relic

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    While their 50,000 argument might fly with the casual crowd it wont with any real gamer. Apple has a LONG way to go before being taken serious in that area, and honestly I don't see it happening. Casuals have proven to be a perfect target for simplistic games and why would they move away from that. PSP/DS even Microsoft's Xbox Live aren't in the same league as Apple and the comparison is a bit disingenuous from them.
  5. The iphone and ipod touch can be fierce competetors in the gaming market. What needs to be done is that they should have an entire app store just for games and be quility controlled
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