iPhone surpasses 50 percent US market share for the first time

By Shawn Knight · 16 replies
Dec 21, 2012
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  1. Apple and Google have been battling head-to-head for smartphone supremacy for quite some time now but it looks like Cupertino recently came out on top, at least for the time being. According to a new report from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech,...

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  2. inventix1136

    inventix1136 TS Rookie Posts: 85   +14

    One of the reason for Apple to be dominating is because people like familiarity and simplicity vs. actual functionality. Once someone gets signed up to the Apple ecosystem, it is like being locked into a debtor's prison of ol' times -- easy to get in, hard to get out...
  3. Oh c'mon, that's some serious hyperbole. The Iphone is a great smart phone, as are many Android phones. The Iphone is a simpler device that the non-techie can more easily familiarize himself, yet still cutting edge in features and functionality. It is obviously not nearly as customizable an experience. Now then, considering that the vast vast vast majority of the public are not tech savy at all, something we may forget as we gather amongst ourselves, it's no surprise that the Iphone is as popular as it is, and that Apple is richer than many countries.
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  4. bexwhitt

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    Isheep FTW
  5. Kantar Worldpanel ComTech's data is always pro-apple. Likewise, Com Score is pro android and will come up with data that contradict Kantar's. Not sure if it happens everywhere, but most of my coworkers have an iPhone last year and most have jumped ship to Samsung already. It will be over for Apple soon if they don't come up with another hit soon.
  6. So Apple has 53% of the market, and Android has 49%? It must be terrible for Microsoft and RIM, having to share the remaining negative percentage...
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  7. Nice catch on the math. Android was actually 41.9% US in the 12 weeks ending 25 Nov 2012.
  8. Something is wrong here. Apple is responsible for 53.3% of the US smartphone market, and Android's US market share slipped to 49.1%. So together they are responsible for 102.4% of the US market?!?!
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  9. cmbjive

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    Has someone noticed that Apple has 53% of the market and Android 49%? Since when did 53% + 49% = 100%?

    Either Apple is overstated or Android is understated.
  10. Blame the writer. The according to the source data cited, android share is 41.9% not 49.1%.
  11. 41.9% not 49.1%. is just a typo, not the end of the world... boy some people cry at the smallest of things.
  12. NTAPRO

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    u jelly?
  13. MilwaukeeMike

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    Well.. it's 12/21, it just might be the end of the world! No one ever said how we would know. Now we know!
  14. bexwhitt

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    no don't like being ripped off that's all. In the UK you pay more money for less if you have an Iphone.
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  15. Burty117

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    Not true actually, T-Mobile (EE, Orange, Whatever you want to call them) have got a "full monty" contract going, £26 a month for 2 years BUT, has unlimited data, unlimited texts and phone calls to anyone on the same network or 2000 minutes to another network per month, then the iPhone (4s 16GB) is only £70.

    Samsung S3's aren't going that cheap yet from what I could find.
  16. avoidz

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    I don't use Apple products, but they certainly hit the I-spot with that phone. Slick, simple to use. It's what most people want. And Apple are very very good at making people want it.

    Having said that, I hope there will always be a choice of brands in the future.
  17. Ranger1st

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    .. and it only took how many law suits, injunctions and stop sales of Samsung products to make it to this point.. Apple; as pathetic as always.

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