Iran to block the entire internet, replacing it with "clean" intranet

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Apr 10, 2012
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  1. captaincranky

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    Yeah well, this is commonly referred to as, "Sarah Palin Syndrome". Hopefully for the Arizonans, this debacle will make her famous, and she'll up and quit.

    No, perhaps not. But, they did put it into rockets before Werner Von Braun and the Germans.....:rolleyes:

    (Please don't bust my stones about this, I do know the difference between hydrazine and gunpowder. The whole gunpowder thing is simply funnier, that's all).

    The best example of things Americans have embraced from other countries I can possibly think of is, the "Stafford-shire Bull Terrier". Yeah, that's right. The Brits invented the pit bull.
  2. Tygerstrike

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    @ tree
    Check out the history of gunpowder in China. Its actually kinda interesting what the chinese did with gunpowder before guns. Fireworks is the first that comes to mind for most ppl. The interesting part was how they incorporated gunpowder to make the first powered arrows. Also youre prolly thinking someone else about straw man. Thats the first time I have ever brought it up as it was the first time I personally have had a reason to bring it up.

    That Law in Arizona wont stand the constitutional test. It directly contradicts the first amendment.
  3. treetops

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    Oh probably, someone straw manned me the other week thought it was you.
  4. QUOTE:

    "The ministry responded to the false report saying, "the propaganda wing of the West and providing its hostile media with a pretext emanating from a baseless claim."

    Interestingly, officials did say they have plans to build a "national information network" that would function as a intranet for the country's internet users. No information was provided about whether the internet would exist alongside it, or be blocked as the original report suggests, but it sounds eerily close to the original report by the minister for Information and Communications."

    The above summarises (if indeed correctly qouted) the mentality and ignorance this countries leaders adopt and enforce, if russias and china were not so defensive of Iran i would say nuke them but as it is the other 2 facist countries would start a bio terrorism or worse scenario upon any who want to instill a sense of community.
  5. treetops

    treetops TS Evangelist Posts: 2,070   +219

    Not really a fan of killing millions of innocent people. Iran will never attack the usa OR nuke another country, why would the rich aholes in charge risk it all? They just pander to the public wants like every country. There scape goat is the west. USA scape goats and distractions are gay marriage, Iran, N Korea, immigration, abortion, bird flu, el nino, killer bees, killer pythons, y2k, k2y, that flu in Mexico that appeared and disappeared in the same month, ozone, global warming and the biggest of all RIGHT VS LEFT politics.
  6. Leeky

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    Rather than labelling us "terrible," you could also use the report a post feature if you feel a post is offensive. There might be a few of us moderators, but we can't be everywhere at the same time.

    That is precisely why a report feature on this forum exists -- its to help assist moderators and administrators as well as other staff police the forum and enables members to highlight posts they feel are breaking the rules.

    As a last point, its a thankless job at the best of times, and we moderators do this with absolutely no financial reward, giving up our time to ensure you (the members) can navigate the forum without offensive material bombarding you nonstop.

    But thanks for the vote of confidence.

    EDIT: And now having read the entire thread, I see one of your posts was removed. So the whole accusation of us being terrible is because we removed your post.
  7. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 12,967   +2,524

    Jeez, I must be thick skinned. I thought this was actually pretty civilized, as hot button issues go.

    And you caught me, it's actually "Shouting Fire", by Alan Dershowitz, that attaches to FOS 1st Amendment issues. (I posted "Yelling Fire" earlier).:confused:

    Thaaankx Leeky, now you just took away all unbridled joy I get from generating offensive material, and for no good reason....:rolleyes:
  8. Leeky

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    I've personally seen it get much worse as well. It does get a bit borderline in a few places, but as long as people aren't insulting each other I'm okay with it.

    Nobody wants Moderator "nazi's" supressing the forum, and most of the people posting on TechSpot are mature enough to realise what is acceptable and what isn't. Therefore we moderate with a more relaxed, laid-back style and allow the posts to flow -- as long as they don't break the guidelines.

    :haha: Trust you to come out with that, Captain.
  9. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 12,967   +2,524

    Well, Leeky, as difficult as it might be for you to , "wrap your head around" (as the children say), I'm going back to listening to Loreena McKennitt now.

    A paradox, I know....;)
  10. Twixtea

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    I'm sorry but in the original source is nothing written about this article.
    I'm not quite sure based on what did google write that article.
    I live in Iran myself, and from what I have 'heard' (yes still rumors, even confirmed stuff might change over a few days in Iran, that's the way it works), they are not gonna literally replace the internet with an intranet, BUT only providing the country with more servers, hosts, and datacenters so they can upload pages and data to those internal datacenters so people at home can access that data with a much higher speed than with the regular internet we currently have.
    And above that, the bandwith used by people will no longer matter for ISPs cause currently they are paying a huge amount of money for the bandwith to I.C.T.
    Means less bandwith, less traffic used by the internet, faster speed with intranet.
    And the internet will still be accessible for people who need it.
    How do you guys think large companies or factories would import stuff if the internet was COMPLETELY blocked? By telephone? Srsly...
    They can't completely block the internet and they know that.
    But only time will tell
  11. they are trying to stop the information leaking about atomic stuff.... :)
  12. @ tigerstrike

    Most of the websites people go to are privately owned. Unless you commit a crime on the internet, rights are useless. But the government can still shut it a website down and pull information from most servers because their owners will roll right over for the govt. In all practicality, you don't really tend to have much rights on the internet. If I were to get obviously offensive, my comment would be removed. If you tell a person to **** off in reality, you have the right to do so and it won't change a thing... unless of course u end up fighting the person. I could go around and say "**** you" to everyone I see today. If I did that for every comment i made, I would be banned. You can get kicked out of private property for any reason really but you actually have to break the law to be kicked out of a public place. If someone here (and im not saying techspot would or would not do this) decided they did not agree with what I said, they could remove my post. I could try to sue for that I guess but i wouldnt win a penny. You have much more against you on the internet that you have rights protecting you. Free speech can be a right all it wants, that doesnt mean its applied to everything.
  13. If you had mentioned that the right isnt practical to the internet, I wouldnt have. But im just a troll what do i know right?
  14. Let's not forget about the 0-day bugs/exploits/malware that the U.S. govt pays top dollar for. Until more rights specifically designed for the internet are passed, the government WILL use the lack thereof to its advantage. No on else. For now, current rights on the internet are for the most part a joke.
  15. Your comment proves that you are a clueless *****. It was the Sunnis that funded and supported Al-Qaeda, not Iran since both Iran and Al-Qaeda are mortal enemies. Same goes for Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria are fighting against Assad supported by Iran, the very country you falsely accused of funding and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

    No, Allah curse Qatar for holding my friend prisoner for three weeks! His crime? For bringing poppy seed bagels that violated Qatar's drug laws.The poppy seeds are innocuous yet Qatar authorities classified them as illegal drugs! How ridiculous is that!? This just show that Qatar is still a backward country despite calling themselves the most liberal country in the Middle East.

    I spit on that country!
  16. I'l do that on my country to any latinamerica content... For sakes of keeping our language safe of the slur they 'talk'

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