Is 4K technology mature enough?

  1. I'm coming into some money (lovely are them tax returns), so I'm considering getting something big/expensive. I've already got a good rig, sporting a 4790K CPU and a GTX 980 GPU... so I was thinking maybe this would be the time to invest into a new monitor. I'm currently using a standard 1080p LED 60Hz, so it's perhaps time for an upgrade. It's not that I care that much about 4K, but I want Nvidia G-Sync, and I might as well check as many boxes as possible while I'm at it.

    I went to my usual webshop to see what they had in stock in terms of 4K monitors, and-to my surprise-they really didn't have that many. I think maybe there was only one or two 4K monitors with G-Sync. Also, I remember there was a lot of interfacing issues with the early models, such as having to use two HDMI cables... and the 4K monitors really being two 1080p monitors side by side (or some such). Seeing how few 4K monitors are out there, and looking at the prices... I'm starting to w wonder: Is this technology mature enough, or should I wait (and invest into something else)?

    EDIT: Strike that. I can't find a single 4K monitor with G-sync in that webshop anymore. They're no longer available for some reason. Acer 28" 4K LED Predator G-Sync XB280HK was the one I was looking at earlier.
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    Have you considered a surround setup? Surround looks interesting and might keep you content, until 4K availability is more mainstream.
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    You mean like a triple monitor setup? I already have that on my second computer, using 3x 27" 60Hz LEDs. It's cool enough, but it's still got that crappy old V-sync stuttering. I guess my main goal is the G-sync feature, but it would be nice to check off the 4K box while I'm at it, because I'm not gonna upgrade my monitor again anytime soon.

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