Is an am2 4600+ worth the extra over a 4200+?

By ingeborgdot
Nov 30, 2006
  1. Is an am2 4600+ worth the extra over a 4200+?
  2. Tedster

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    it's faster... and since dual core intel chips are beating AMD hands down now, I'd spend the $ if you're going AMD. And AMD makes good chips also.
  3. DonNagual

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    Are we talking 939 or AM2 here?

    The 939 cpus are going to get harder and harder to find over the next while. It's all a gamble, but if I were upgrading my 939 board, I'd go for the better cpu.

    That said (some may disagree on this) I would actually get the X2 4400 over both the 4200+/4600+ as it has the full 1Mb on each core for the L2 cache. It is clocked a little lower than the 4600+ but easy tweaked up to 2.5Ghz or over (minor overclock). That's the route I'd go.

    If you are talking about an AM2 system, the 4200+ is about $50 cheaper than the 4600+ currently on newegg, and an extra 0.2Ghz frequency. You probably wouldn't notice the difference between the two (need to know more about the types of applications you run on your computer), but the 4600+ would lengthen the amount of time before you feel like your CPU needs to be upgraded.
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