is CPU going from 33C to 54C safe?

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Jul 24, 2005
  1. is CPU going from 33C to 54C safe?

    when im jus surfing CPU idles between 33-37C but when i play games and do something that uses 100% on the CPU jus for a couple seconds.. it jumps to the low 50C's .. is that ok? or should i change the thermal compound to some arctic silver stuff ... for some reason.. i feel safer knowing it will only go up 10C degrees for a short time.. rather than 20C

    also.. i have A/C in my room.. n i was thinking of buying some fat tube.. n run it from the A/C vent to my PC's Case on the side or something..

    haha that sounds poor but yea.. im jus curious.. is that safe too?
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    First of all, this should belong in the cooling and modding forum.

    Second, if you were there, there's a sticky "Read Before Asking "Is This Too Hot?"", which would answer your question.

    Okay, since you're already here, might as well answer your questions.

    Yes, it is normal to have your CPU temps between that range (mine's between 16 - 32 (winter), now surfing its 21, ambient 14).

    and about the tube, I don't think its going to help much, at most lower the temps by about a degree or so if at all. unless of course the distance between your AC and the comp is really small (say, a metre?)

    If not, you'd be looking at a huge fan to move that air, and it'll be really noisy, and you'd be better off with a new HSF, or better still, add more casing fans (dependant on room temp)

    If you do decide to do it, check if you're actually getting lower temps, cos I'm really sure its not worth all that trouble.
  3. truflip

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    errmm... yea this would be in the cooling n modding i guess.. i didnt think id write the 'also.. bout the A/C' thing.. but i thot im already typing it out.. i might as well... so sorry bout that one..

    n i kno wuts too hot n whats not.. im not worried bout it being too hot.. im more worried bout the CPU chip going hot then cold then hot n then cold n thats 20C degrees range..

    also.. thanks for ur reply =] now.. im quite amazed at ur CPU temps.. how do u ge them? the only thing that goes below my room temp of like 20-22C is my harddrive.. mobo, cpu, vid card. etc.. are atleast 10C higher..

    lol i wanna know how ur gettin like.. 16C on ur CPU
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    Well, its winter and this room that the comps are in doesn't have a heater. So the room temp is about 10C.

    Also, I didn't OC my stuff, didn't find the meagre increase worth the risk. Thats even thought I got a Tt golf 325 with a Tt UFO. And the numerous fans my computer comes with. The ebst thing is that my comp is barely audible, but I think the casing being hidden under the table (literally, its hard to insert DVDs) has somehting to do with it).

    I'll have to check out its temps in summer when its blisteringly hot.
  5. truflip

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    10C? :cool:

    lol maybe i should block my heater in the winter time..

    but thats awesome temps for ur PC.. not for you tho.. u prolly have to wear a coat n stubby mitts while ur on the PC lol :p
  6. CMH

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    Lol, Actually I'm in there in a Tshirt and a thin jumper. Hardly adequate but I don't feel the cold when I'm having fun fragging people :p

    Besides, its probably good for weight loss too, imagine all that energy being burnt to sustain 37degees internal temp.... :D

    But yeah, when I'm done using the comp I hardly have any sensations in my fingers... which can't be good.
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