Is DOOM III Coming Out In August Or Not?

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Jul 12, 2004
  1. There's a rumour going around that Doom 3 has gone gold and will ship August 3. Problem is, it might just be a bunch of old poo. The rumour that is, not the game...

    "Activision reps would neither confirm nor deny... authenticity, but one did say authoritatively that "Id Software has made no announcement that Doom 3 has gone gold." Twice."

    When is this game coming out? All I want to say to Activision is... STOP PLAYING WITH US! BRING THIS GAME OUT! You are just being cruel now...

    CoLD_SToRAGE TS Rookie Posts: 19

    It must be out soon, the game package is taking up an entire shelf at my local GAME store, saying "pre-order now. Coming SOON"...... but then I'm sure that was there last year.....hmmmmmmmmm
  3. werty316

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    I can't wait and I hoope I can play it on my system; HL 2 also; or maybe I will play it later so I can upgrade to enjoy all the eyecandy stuff
  4. SOB

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  5. I can tell you when it is coming out

    It will come out with in a week of Half-Life 2. Id has obviously decided that they want to have a show down with Valve. This may be just plain stupid but there it is. I wouldn't be suprised that the final product has been done for a while. If you look at the announcements closely you will start to see a trend. Valve pushes their launch back because they can't get their product together and Id will then push theirs back. Very freaking lame!
  6. SOB

    SOB Banned Posts: 119

    showdown or not

    everyone will get both.....the real winner is nvidia w/ their line of 6800 cards.....perfect timing.
  7. MaskedBurrito

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