is it my pc or graphics card ?

By jillybob
Feb 19, 2006
  1. i brought a new pc seperate with the parts a few months ago. i'm not really good about the detaisl of a pc so bare with me. i purchased Counter Strike: CZ & Source to play, but they wouldn't work ! On Cz it said disc emulator software =S n now it just wont load. On source it just restarts my pc. I have a RADEON 9200 graphics card, but that wont even let me play red alert fdor christ sake!! Please help me, email me on Thanks,

  2. oggy06

    oggy06 TS Rookie


    hey im not that sure but it is probelly ure graphics card im not that certain tho m8
  3. viper139

    viper139 TS Rookie


    i cant be your graphics card because i have a radoon 9250 and it play all my games fine (cod 2 ) ( fear ) so it must be something eils
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