Is Microsoft working on a software center for Windows?

By Emil
Jan 21, 2009
  1. Have you ever wondered why Microsoft renamed the Add/Remove Programs (XP and earlier) control panel applet to Programs and Features (Vista onwards)? It's possible that Microsoft is considering its own version of something comparable to Linux package management systems. For those that don't use Linux, thing of it like a Windows Update for all your software. Such a system could completely revolutionize how users interact with software on Windows, not to mention the security advantages of only letting users install software deemed safe (which in turn could cause privacy concerns, of course).

    Microsoft recently sent out a survey to Windows 7 beta participants, asking them various questions regarding "a single place for finding and managing updates for the programs on my PC."

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    While this line of product evolution probably has it's merits, which you've touched upon, it does have it's myriad dangers as well. First, we're discussing mostly paid products, whereas with Linux, we would be discussing mostly free products. software companies want to lead you to online subscription service software. Adobe I'm told, has great plans to herd everybody to online "rental" of software, This would take the choice out of the consumer's hands, whether or not to stick with the old version, just simply force the new product down your throat, on a "pay as you go" basis.

    The concept of doing away with DVD and software hard copy, would benefit only corporate interest, and cripple the consumer's right to choose. It's wonderful to have internet service, but I'm adamantine about having it forced upon me. I want the free choice to pay my bills with paper and stamps, and to have a copy of Photoshop that is mine to have and to hold. A parallel concept to all subscription software would be to eliminate over the air TV and force everybody to buy cable.

    I hate to sound too corny or too lofty, but there actually are many freedoms that would be trampled if M$ got too large a foothold with respect to control of many more products and licenses than they already have. They're obnoxious now, imagine how much more so they could be. And no, there's no such thing as a truly benevolent monopoly. As an example obsessively controlling entity take Apple, they're oppressive and they only have a 5% market share.
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