Is my cpu to hot?

By aman501 · 9 replies
Oct 15, 2006
  1. I have an AMD Athlon XP 2800+ processor and its running at 72 degrees C. My computer has been randomly shutting down in the past. Is it because the CPU is to hot? or some other problem?
  2. triiifashions

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    my processor is running at 43 c so yours is running hot and when u do anything it is just gonna get hotter

    i would try reseating the heat sink

    be careful
  3. aman501

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    Ok, I've never done that before so I'll need some guidance here...
    Is it hard to do? because I've finnally (ignore sp.) got some money to get a new computer and if its a lot of trouble I've had my eye on a dual core computer.
  4. triiifashions

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    get out the operating table

    i have found it best to take it all apart and dust all and pull motherboard to reduce risk of breaking it. then take the fan and heat sink off

    dont mess up the "gue" on the heat sink or whatever that stuff is on the back is called

    if the "gue" is not spread evenly on the whole thing u need to get some

    i was just recomended arctic silver 5

    but i dont know

    if it is only on half use your finger and spread it around evenly

    still should get some though

    put all back together making sure the heatsink is tightly fastened to the cpu

    put all back together and give er a fly
  5. aman501

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    ok... Thank you very much.
  6. triiifashions

    triiifashions TS Rookie Posts: 129


    its not as hard as it sounds
  7. takaboku

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    First, are all your fans working, is the inside clear of dust, are your fans clean, are your cables clear of your air flow, can you add more fans????
  8. wolfram

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    Your Athlon XP can operate up to 85°C temperature. But if you can keep it lower than 65°C, it would be better. I agree with the other guys, reseat your heatsink, and apply a new AS5 layer.

    Also, improve your case's airflow. If it's still running too hot, you might need a new aftermarket cooler.
  9. -Boost-

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    I got an Intel 3.2 DC running at 3.78 ghz at an idle of 30 some and I got the AS5 thermal compound. Running at 3.2 it was idling at 45-50 degs celsius w/o thermal compound. The cpu was running at 3.2ghz at 19-23 degs celsius. I would recommend getting AS5 compound and read the instructions carefully... NEVER USE YOUR FINGER FOR A SPREADER despite what the guy said up there. Use isoprophyl alcohol to clean the heatsink and the cpu. Use a coffee filter to clean and dry both units. Make sure the heatsink in on perfectly straight and find a loading program if u can and test it out. Also check for utilities on your motherboard CD that you should have. Monitor your cpu fan speed and ur temp.

    Try that out, take care

  10. aman501

    aman501 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 27

    Thanks so much guys. Takaboku, to be honest I've been a bad person... I have not even opened it in a while so when I find the time I need to do that thanx again everyone.
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