Is my Processor good enough for GTA 5 PC?

Ben Gibbs

TS Rookie
Hi, so I bought a PC about 5 months ago, and I love it. It so far has been basically able to handle anything I can throw at it. Though keep in mind I haven't tried that many strenuous activity though. Keep in mind I am asking this question because I know nothing about PC's. I bought mine pre made, just picked a good but affordable one a friend said was good. My processor is a Intel Core i7 - 4710hq @ 2.5 GHz ( 8 Cores ). Now to my question: Being a huge GTA fan, I of coarse want to pick up GTA 5 on PC when its drops. So I checked the recommended Systems Specs and I seem to meet every requirement, but I was unsure about the Processor. This is the recommended processor for play GTA 5 on Pc: Intel Core i5 - 3470 @ 3.2GHz (didn't talk about cores.) Below are two links: The one to my computer I want to play this game on and a link to the required system specs for this game. As I mentioned, Mostly want to know if my processor can handle it, but It would be a great help as well if you could just check my specs and the recommended specs and see if everything fits or passes these recommenced specs. Sorry If I offened anyone with just downright dumb questions, as I said, big Computer novice. Thank you for your help

Reccomended Specs : Theft Auto V

My Specs: