Is My System Bottleneck

  1. Hye. I juz wnt to ask some short question.:confused:

    Does my Amd Athlon X2 5600+ 2.9Ghz overclock bottleneck wif my HD4850 IceQ 4 gpu??
    How much the performance increase if I upgrade my current cpu to Amd Athlon II X2 270??

    Thnx guys.:)
  2. cliffordcooley

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    If you are going to upgrade and your system supports it, you might as well try to get a 4 core. Especially on an AMD rig, where CPU performance is weaker than Intel core for core. The "AMD Athlon II X4 650" is about the weakest performance I would recommend to anyone. It is comparable to the Core i3-2100 which is as low as I recommend for Intel CPU's.

    For generalized performance you can take a look at these benchmarks. -
    • Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600+ - 1463
    • Athlon II X2 270 - 1988
    • Athlon II X4 650 - 3663
    • Core i3-2100 - 3603

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