Is there a 3 pin adapter for a 4 pin molex?

By ingeborgdot
Jan 24, 2006
  1. My case fan from antec has a 4 pin molex. I want to connect it to the mobod to be able to control the speed with the mobod controller but need a 3 pin. Is there a way to do this?
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    Circuit city used to carry them and any decent computer shop should have them in stock. I just bought two last week at my local computer shop.
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    was that an "antec" or a "vantec" fan? if it is a vantec thermoflow it has a small PCB and its own motor speed control onboard that the mobo connection won't recognise. It has to have a constant power supply that isn't regulated. If you connect the vantec thermoflow to the mobo fan connection the fan won't operate except for maybe a high speed rev at startup. Use the molex that it comes with or you won't have any fan at all (it won't be ruined, it just won't function).

    I bought a vantec thermoflow for my PC and wanted the 3 pin mobo connection. that's how I found all this out (not by asking the techs at the store, they thought it came with a 3 pin mobo connection).

    The fan I purchased had a molex patch, with a male and female connector. I installed it on my CD R power connection to avoid any voltage sensitive issues on my other peripherals (all my peripheral power connections were in use). hope this was helpful.
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