Is there a guide for configuring a SSD?

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Sep 19, 2008
  1. Or can anyone tell me some steps to do it. I hear it makes computer loads Windows faster and open programs faster. I have a DELL Inspiron 9100 laptop with 2gb RAM and 128mb video but the thing is starting to be really slow (can't even multi-task with Window Media Player opened)
  2. kimsland

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    Solid-state drive, like a Flash drive?
    No, no guide, just plug it in

    Your next question on the slowness of your computer
    There are a number of software tools to run, including:
    CheckDisk Xp or Vista

    But it also depends on what you have installed and presently running
    ie Norton AntiVirus can slow a computer down, and so can many others (especially Internet Security softwares)
    Drivers and Security updates can also slow systems down if not completed as well
    Plus also Windows corruption (Registry; System Files; PageFile)

    There's also Hardware
    Your 128Meg video card for instance, may be too low for what you are using it for, so then Windows will try to compensate with your Ram and CPU Processing
    Ofcourse you could have faulty Hardware too (Like HardDrive, Ram; or even a build up of dust around your CPU)

    This list is too large to continue
    And your questions are too general to understand
  3. MasterLocke

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    For the SSD, i meant to say one of those drive that can be installed internally (SATA).

    And for the computer slowness answers. Thank you very much for the reply.You gave me ideas of where to start looking. My DELL laptop (no battery) has endured many power-outage. It might have some corrupt files. It might also have dusts since my bird cage is next to my desk.

    I am running Windows XP and McAfee. I also recently purchased a registry cleaner and ran it on the laptop (hoping it will help speed it up). The result was a faster start-up but multi-tasking is still slow.

    Again, I very much appreciate your replies and comments.
  4. MasterLocke

    MasterLocke TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I recently opened up my laptop to clean and i was shocked to find thick layers of dust and pet hair in the cooling fan, heat sink as well as all over the mother board.

    After i vacuumed everything (as well as fixed my processor), my laptop is running very smoothly as well as quiet.

    Thank you for suggestions. I will now keep my laptop cleaned more often.
  5. tengeta

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    You won't be shocked forever, almost everything with air movement and fans does it. Speaking of, that may be why my laptop feels so warm right now! I should do that myself.
  6. kimsland

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