Is there any Christmas discount on True Image?

By briph ยท 6 replies
Dec 15, 2005
  1. Hello to techspot.
    I want to buy backup solution for my computer. My choice is True Image. I know that there must be different Christmas discounts... Have you heard if there is any discount on True Image?
  2. vhunter

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    I didn't see much, but I found this page for Acronis True Image. Looks pretty cheap to me, but it may turn out to be a scam.
  3. gbhall

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    backup is a big subject

    Would never disuade anyone from doing regular backups, but....

    There are many ways to skin a cat. After many years experience of all sorts of methods, for what it's worth, this is what I learned.

    (a) any method that runs for a long time is not going to get used often enough
    (b) removeable media are safer in only one respect - offsite backup. They are also slower, have insufficient capacity, are more expensive and pose problems of long-term readability which negate that advantage.

    So I use a second hard disk drive, and two packages, both free, and there are other free clones available if you look.

    (1) a disk imager - I use Drive Image 2002 which was free on a magazine CD some while back. With that, I take a compressed image of my c: drive once per month or so, to the second hard drive. By the way, the C: drive only carries the OS and programs. I have a second partition for data.

    (2) Microsoft's own power toy called synctoy. With this, I maintain on the second hard disk an exact copy of the D: (data partition). This is maintained virtually daily by using Synctoy, which (despite being a freebie by Microsoft) is actually quite good and can duplicate all the changes on an entire drive in just seconds.

    The only drawback of this approach is if I lost the entire PC in a fire or theft, but there are ways round that too - another spare old drive plugged in to image both the C: and D: drives twice a year or so, and stored offsite.

    See, it's a big, big subject....
  4. kenyee

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  5. Char_X

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    Yep. They are pirats most probably. Acronis has no longer sold True Image 8...
  6. briph

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    Well, I know that it isn't a simple question. I don't think that CD or DVD is safe method but I agree that another hard drive is more efficiently. I'm going to use external HDD for backing up. I also have individual partition for my data.

    So great thanks to all answers. I found what I want.
  7. kenyee

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    Ideally, you should also have two external hard drives and rotate them as you do backups, so if one fails, you're not hosed. Treat the external hard drives as the old-timers used to treat tapes :)
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