Is there many of you returning Cyberpunk 2077?

It's a good game but but not the high water mark that Witcher 3 hit. I think they will release more content and expand on it so I am keeping it. I switched over the Borderlands 2 (I have 3 too) and it is an awesome game in the same vein.
Oh yes I am returning especially for the fact that RSR is coming to AMD cards, so yes originally I locked it at 30fps and ran it on high settings felt like a console experience, but if I can get 75 locked in ultra then yes I will be returning and starting a whole new game from scratch!
Not yet thats for sure, I played the game on 3080 on release or some weeks after, performance was fine with DLSS ran about 100-150 fps at 1440p no RT but game had tons of bugs and felt empty. Some quests were memorable tho.

Probably one of the biggest fails ever, in terms of hype and what they brought on release, especially considering the many years of development
Yes will play it during winter holidays - also want to start over with wither 3 after the 14th dec upgrade <3 <3 <3

I just wonder which mods I still should and can use with witcher 3 then....