is this a good heatsink???

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Mar 22, 2007
  1. beef_jerky4104

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  2. Computer~freak~

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    isnt that zalman abit to heavy for my mobo i move my case around once in a while for lan partys and i chose becuase i live in canada and the closest computer store is tigerdirect also my parents dont let me order over the intrenet only when they buy me like a b day gift and for that id have to wait until april 20
  3. Grafficks

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    It should be okay, but you would be spending a lot when you can get the same (or better) cooling for much less.
    For instance, there are some water cooling kits that can be purchased for less than that amount.

    You linked to, so I assume you're in Canada, and cannot order from Newegg.
    I'm in Canada too and I do a lot of shopping at Tigerdirect, but personally I feel that Ultra products are overrated. They are exclusive to Tigerdirect, and they get very ambitious with the "features" on their products, but there are only a rare few that are good. This may be one of Ultra's best products though, the TEC feature is certainly something new.
    Other opinions and detailed reviews can be found in a search like THIS

    If you are considering something else, you might be better off with a Zalman HSF -- they are reputable for providing the best air cooling available. That latest Zalman 9700 that beef_jerky4104 suggested would be superb.

    As for your concern about a heavy HSF, I'm pretty sure the Ultra ChillTec is much larger and heavier than the Zalman. Your motherboard won't snap that easily, engineers have designed HSF units with unique mounting systems to minimize that possibility.

    Hope it helps! :)
  4. CMH

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    Not always the case.

    Also, beware of TEC coolers. If your comp produces more heat than the TEC can pump away, you're in for ALOT of trouble. This shouldn't be a problem in a Core2Duo processor, but if you're talking about a Presscott, or some highg end GPU, the TEC rating night not be high enough, and will cause overheating instead.

    Besides, if its way too cold, you'd get condensation issues, which is also bad. Either way, I'd stay away from TEC products. Getting a good aircooler would be cheaper, may even be more effective, and definately safer.
  5. Computer~freak~

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    I was deciding to go with water cooling but then i had my doubts that there is a chance of condensation and also leaks also if i do go with water cooling id need a kit that fits every thing in my case becuase i dont want any resevoirs. (is there any upsides having a resivoir rather then having a internal water cooling kit? ) and by the way i live in Toronto,ON,CAN
  6. Grafficks

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    You say you live close to a Tigerdirect warehouse in Toronto?
    Me too. I live about 20 minutes away from the Highway 7/Woodbine Tigerdirect retail location. Whereabouts do you live? I also go to many other computer stores in that area, and I can link you to them if you happen to be close enough. They have less selection than Tigerdirect, but the stuff that they do have is much cheaper.

    If you don't want watercooling, Zalman HSF units will give you all the air-cooling you need. CMH has just presented us with the dangers and unpredictability of TEC coolers, so it would be wise to stay away from them.
  7. Computer~freak~

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    well i live near the queensway i go to the tiger direct next to sherway mall if you know any computer stores around me and about 20 min away plz do tell
  8. HPCE_Larry

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    If Tiger Direct sells the Zalman 9700 LED I would recommend getting that instead of the TEC cooler. It will provide very good air cooling. The TEC cooler is likely going to be heavier than the Zalman.
  9. Computer~freak~

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    thx for the tip but im waiting to see if graphicks replys with good local stores in my area for computer parts =)
  10. Grafficks

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    Well, you're pretty far from up at Markham where I live, but here are the retail stores I go to. They also have locations throughout the GTA, and some of their locations may be close enough to you.


    Canada Computers

    Logic Computers

    PC Village

    Canada Computers and PC Village have a slightly more restricted selection of components available compared to Tigerdirect, but they sell what they have for much cheaper prices. I mostly get my parts from Canada Computers or PC Village now, unless they are not available there.

    There are also many small computer stores here and there, hidden in random malls everywhere, but they don't have any websites.

    Also, the best Zalman aircooler that is available at Tigerdirect is the CNPS9500 LED, instead of the 9700.
    The only drawback is that it has a smaller fan (if that makes a difference) than the 9700, and doesn't support socket AM2.
  11. Computer~freak~

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    thx alot man ive heard of canada computers alredy i bought my ram there and my cd drives there not that limited to parts
  12. Grafficks

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  13. Computer~freak~

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    do you know were i can find blue lights for my case i have been searching every were in Toronto and the GTA but no luck
  14. Grafficks

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    Thats exactly my problem at the moment. :p

    There are two things I can't find in any retail stores in the GTA:
    Rounded IDE cables and Neon Lights.

    I think we're outta luck if we live in the GTA and can't order anything online... :(
  15. Computer~freak~

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    lol i agree
  16. CMH

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    Watercooling doesn't condense. They leak if you don't take good care in installing them. However, given that watercooling is now so mainstream, that should prove that they're safe.

    Either way, condensation and leaks don't really destroy your comp. After the event, just give it a couple of weeks to dry and it should boot back up like nothing happened. There are some which will never boot up again, but most would. Problem is you don't have your comp for a couple of weeks, sometimes more. Some people use hairdyers (hairdryers should now be in a standard pc maintainance kit, they're used for so many things...) to blowdry their comps, that works as well.
  17. SoIdidItAgain

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    Mate go for the Zalman 9500, not as mother-board snappingly heavy as the 9700 and some others, looks great, brought my temps down by 25 celsius down to 31-33 rather than the 60 odd with the intel hsf, what else can i say? looks good, works better, blue LED nice touch, should be awesome for overclocking (not tried it yet). Think difference between 9500 and 9700 is not much, except a fair bit heavier, but stuff it get the zalman. Only prob is at full speed it is a bit noisy, but ive always got it at lowest setting (using included speed-controller) and i get the above temps, also with about 36 celsius during tough gaming. Just make sure you've got your cables tied out the way to leave room for air to circulate around the fan and fins. Go Zalman! Go!
  18. MetalX

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    The Future Shop near me (Hamilton) has rounded IDE cables, and most of "The Source By Circuit City" have cold cathodes.
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